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In a pot, heat the barley and mung beans, add water to cover the beans by about 3-5cm, add rock sugar, cover with lid and bring to boil. Remove lid, turn to low heat and stir constantly in one direction, squash the beans using the laddle if possible, repeat for about 5 minutes. Add water if starts to dry off, and close with lid to braise for another 15-20 minutes.Add oil when most beans are squashed, continue stirring, until you get a thick and creamy paste-like texture.5.

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Ingredient:1 cup barley2 cup mung bean1 yellow rock sugar1 tbsp oil Method:1.

Soak the barley and mung bean for at least one night, drain the water for use.2.

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I know that for me it would be a no-brainer, but sadly, for a lot of America it would also be a no-brainer, but opposite of what my decision would be.

As my dad would say, "Who wants to listen to someone who's going to be shot in a couple years, anyway?

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