Red faction guerrilla crashes when updating

But that is the type of open world game I've always wanted to play, where you can manipulate the environment and feel like you've left a mark on it.

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Volition followed this up with Armageddon in 2011, a bad sequel that kept the destruction, but took us away from big open set pieces to the tedious, more linear underground.

It just squandered everything this game was good at—and seemingly killed the series. It was the most disappointed I've ever been by a sequel, and was once described to me ahead of release as being like Dead Space, which couldn't have been less accurate.

Destruction features in everything from Battlefield to Minecraft to Just Cause, but Volition's game still offers something that no other game does.

It's the idea of blowing each building up like it's a physics puzzle, efficiently using your arsenal so it collapses in the most satisfying way possible.

It's a damn crime that no game ripped off Red Faction: Guerrilla's Geo-mod destruction feature.

You take a hammer, and you use it to smash out a panel of a wall and break through a pillar.

As Alec arrives on Mars, he is greeted by his brother who warns Alec of the Earth Defence Force’s sinister nature.

Within minutes we know who almost all the players are and where they stand. While Red Faction: Guerrilla starts fast it quickly meanders and fails to deliver on the promise of the opening and ends up almost as forgettable as its soundtrack.

Sadly, while it looks great, the re-Mars-tered version of the game, its core gameplay hasn’t stood the test of time all too well.

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