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She went to the Terry Fox Junior High School and the Lester B. The Canadian singer, who was already in sizzling shape, went into fitness routines and shed weight.Her weight loss is often credited to the hours she put in Yoga.For a week, Goudie performed hits from his new album as well older hits from his platinum album .

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By the time he turned sixteen, Goudie had formed a band with his friends, The Purple Monkey Bomb Squad.

He was ousted from the band to make room for an older more "experienced" singer, Brandon Mitchell, when he was in grade 12.

Born on 12 July 1988, in Calgary, Alberta, Melissa O' Neil's real name is Melissa Crystal O' Neil.

Talking about her family, She was raised by her parents, Tim O' Neil and Alison Yeung.

Causing a frenzy in the youth-packed gym, he spoke about the importance of perseverance and getting involved in one's school.

Although he has been criticized by some of the judges for his stiffness while on stage, an injury has caused him limited motion on both knees.

The couple was seen flaunting the pictures since 2011.

Melissa often keeps sharing the cozy shots of her with a boyfriend sealing the kisses.

" the two Idols looked at each other smiling before Goudie answered candidly."Yes, we are," Goudie answered as O'Neil laughed."We've been together and we've been doing a pretty good job keeping a secret of it since, what… Goudie was nominated for both Artist of the Year and his album, Under The Lights, nominated for the Album of the Year at this year's Juno Awards in Halifax.

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