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Cyclists could now travel beyond their own communities, greatly increasing the number of potential marriage partners.

Look, of all the shameless things you could try to pull in order to score a date, making sure a Jeep is in the background of a photo seems like the easiest and least sleazy. Just go take a selfie in front of one, maybe making sure there is a leafy or outdoorsy background so it looks like you're as trail-rated as the Jeep. Whatever you do, stay far, far away from the now-defunct Patriot.

Even if it gets you a date, do you really want to go out with the person who was impressed by Zoosk didn't simply analyze whether Jeeps help guys and gals out—it also looked at how other nameplates fared.

Featuring a hatchback in your profile reduces inbound messages by 15 percent.

We're not sure where this animosity toward practical, carlike transportation is coming from, nor are we sure we can trust it: The same study found that vans increase incoming messages by 61 percent.

Allow us to help with some solid automotive consumer advice: Put a Jeep in one or more of your photos.

According to dating site Zoosk, which in conjunction with the website askmen analyzed more than 15 million online dating photos of men and women, images that include Jeeps boosted messages from potential conquests by 243 percent. But we'd recommend skipping, say, a Compass or a Renegade and trying, say, something truly Jeepy like a Wrangler or the new Gladiator pickup.

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But when modern-style “safety” bikes – with pedals, brakes and rubber tyres – first appeared in the 1890s, they were seen as agents of radical social change.

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