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On the contrary, it demonstrates the systematic impunity of transnational corporations.

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Es el resultado de un proyecto colaborativo entre el equipo de investigación del EJAtlas en el ICTA - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, La petrolera estadunidense Chevron Corporation es un ejemplo emblemático de una transnacional que viola los derechos de los poblaciones en sus tierras y utiliza la estructura de impunidad corporativa mundial para no asumir sus responsabilidades para los daños causados.

Además, según un estudio publicado en Climatic Change, Chevron es la compañía que más ha contaminado la planeta con sus emisiones de dióxido de carbono durante 150 años.

Thanks to the experiences to date, many can mobilize different strategies to prevent such human rights violations.

Legal cases in national Courts such as Ecuador, participation in global campaigns and the creation of platforms by affected people to exchange expertise, roadblocks (e.g.

Most of the conflicts are geographically situated in natural landscapes with an important biodiversity (e.g.

Amazon, Rocky Mountains, Islas de San Andrés, Niger Delta).

(Español abajo) This map shows 30 cases of conflict worldwide due to Chevron activities (click on points on the map or scroll down the page to know more about the cases).

It is the result of a collaborative project between the research group at EJAtlas at ICTA - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, The Chevron Corporation constitutes an emblematic example of corporate violation of human rights against people on their lands; the company also uses the international architecture of impunity in order not to assume its responsibility for the damages caused.

There are scientific evidences of the health consequences of the local population (e.g. In some cases cancer rates have been rising as well as other as malnutrition, cases of depression and other mental illness.

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