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Simply click on the Advanced Button when you're on the ' Configure the Select Statement' dialog. Note: If you've enabled editing in the ASPx Grid View but your Data Source doesn't contain these commands then you'll likely see an error like this when trying to edit: To remove this error message you can: In both cases you'll want to intercept the data changing event as soon as the button is clicked.Make sure the checkbox labeled ' Generate INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements' checkbox is checked and then simply click ' OK'. )" Select Command="SELECT [Customer ID], [Company Name], [City], [Country] FROM [Customers]" Update Command="UPDATE [Customers] SET [Company Name] = ? For example, to intercept before the row is updated simply override the ASPx Grid View. For the other edit events, please use these corresponding methods: Row Inserting, Row Deleting, and Row Validating.Assiging a value to this property focuses and select the specified row.

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If you want to display a grid on clicking the edit link you have to create a template class and assign the template class to the grid's Edit Form Template. Page);where Detail Grid Template is a class derived from ITemplate.

It's very easy and similar to the Grid View method.

values from this column should be represented as values of the combobox items.

I have three grids on one form, and they all have inline editing.

I tried to use your solution, but the code is all over the place and I can't get it working on my project.

In the current situation, I suggest that you check the following moments:1) The Value Field of a combobox should correspond to the combobox column.

Introduction : This Blog demonstrates the events of Dev Express Grid View Control. Focused Row Handle : Specifies the focused row's handle.

Grid Control supports single row selection,multiple row selection and multiple cell selection modes. This property allows we to get the focused and selected row.

To keep tabs on the products (and their prices) ordered by these eighty-nine establishments, you have created an awesome grid utilizing the Dev Express ASPx Grid View. You open you grid and stare at the data wondering how you could possibly send all the information contained in the grid to your new hire. You could waive it over your computer screen, utter a few Latin magic spells that would make Hermione Granger proud, and have all your data magically appear as a listing on a paper on your GM’s desk. That’s where I come in to introduce you to the ASP. data in your grid into either a PDF, an Excel spreadsheet, or into an RTF. Only this time, we will transform the document into and Excel spreadsheet.

Then, yesterday, you have a meeting with your newly hired General Manager who tells you that she can get you better products for less money. Unfortunately for you, you are a muggle, which means – no magic wand for you! (Note – if you export grouped data to RTF, be sure to open the resulting file with an editor that fully supports RTF features, including tables, otherwise, the file may appear corrupted.) This way, you can email and share your data. So, filter the data by grouping it by the Product Name and then press Export to XLS.

ASPx Data Deleting Event Args e) 初始化回调事件 Callback protected void callback Panel_Callback(object sender, Dev Express.

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