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That’s not all.even sold his own wife’s wedding ring for money for him to pocket while, he is out having affairs and abandoning his wife. But that won’t stop her from getting laid, or going after your man.

This Fine Missouri flop star will sleep with ANY man including married and engaged she don’t have a preferences although there’s more married and taken then single in her resume, she is the type to have kids and let the state take from her or take care of let’s just say she isn’t the mommy type, here lately she has been seen walking around the small town clinton missouri however I like to refer to as clown town seem to have nothing but floozies who suck d1ck for gas and dont even own a car, the drug known as ‘flakka’ has been her best friend latly as you can find videos of her neighbor videoing her from the window acting in a very unusual manner.

She is definitely the true meaning of Homewreaker she will apologize for sleeping with your man swearing she didn’t know yet turn around and do it time and time again apparently she loves left overs from other women.

So then I started poking around she was asleep I looked in her phone found emails to another guy saying I love you I miss you.

And then she sent a video message to me by accident that was for him thats when start flying off the handle.

Try to get her to go to counseling again couldn’t get her to do it The guy did she screwed around with is Gary Breyfogle.

He cheated on his wife to see her before we got together and she split up with him told him no more until he got a divorce From his wife and that’s when it all began after he had his divorce he started pursuing my girlfriend they’re both cheating pieces of crap.Haley Livingston engaged in an affair with her married boss at her workplace. Left his wife and young son to be with his employee. Hope he likes child support, missing out on his son’s life, and getting glowing references for work. Then tried to carry a two month relationship sending videos of her nasty self to him which I caught. How thirsty you got to be to go after someone’s husband of 12 years….. Don’t they know all they are is a temporary thing, you think he’s going to wife you up with that that nasty sh1t you bring to the table.She cheated on her boyfriend for a guy that’s also a cheater and a coward. This will be a great story time for him and his boy when his kid asks what happened between him and his mom. Go on move on with your life, ruin someone else’s life. You can post your profile, use advanced search, send and receive messages absolutely free. Met my boyfriend on an app called and proceeded to send him pictures of her flat chest, children, and tell stories about her “pepsi days” even wanted to fly my boyfriend out and was gonna pay too. She and I were together almost 4 years, her kids called me dad and I did anything and everything for them.We had a great life until the last 6 months of our relationship.

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