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He finds an application on the dark web what turns women into humble robot bitches.He uploads a software on me through my pussy while I sleep and I have no control over my words and actions anymore.The unique beauty of Egyptian women creates a healthy desire for porn featuring their sexual talents, so despite the country not being a favorable place to produce such deviant delights there are plenty of amateurs willing to fuck on camera.

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I turn you into my slave and you can do nothing to prevent it because you are just a pathetic momma's boy!

I'm an arrogant evil wife and I treat my husband like a slave but today he takes a cruel revenge on me!

He just pushes a button on his phone and I have to serve him like a robot till he turns off the application.

My husband makes me kneel down in front of him and command me to worship his hands like a good pet while he verbally humiliates me till I cry.

Don't worry I teach you everything you need to satisfy a real woman but after you'll be mine and you can't fuck other girls without my permission!

I'm glad we can spend some days together all alone because I wanna show you how a real woman treats a loser like you!

I'm in the wardrobe room and I posing in front of the mirror when I notice you are hiding behind the door and you stare at my amazing body.

I make you kneel down in front of me and I force you to worship my amazing body while I verbally humiliate you.

" Your father went on a business trip so finally you can be alone with your hot stepmom for some days.

Come on honey lie down on the floor ,momma wanna sit on your pathetic face so you can sniff real juicy pussy and butthole very first time in your life!

I want him to wear a big black cock on his body so he'll never forget that he is my cuckold forever.

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