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Students or other members of the community may lodge a formal or informal complaint regarding an alleged violation of this policy with the University Title IX Coordinator, with the Title IX coordinator of their school, or with the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct.Violations of the above policies by a teacher will normally lead to disciplinary action.

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In fact, studies suggest that "at risk" students are than other kids to benefit from supportive student-teacher relationships. It's hard to escape the implications of these studies.

Positive student-teacher relationships can protect students from toxic stress.

They may forestall behavior problems, enhance a child's academic prospects, buffer kids from the risk of peer victimization.

And the benefits don't dwindle away as children grow up. In a meta-analysis of 99 published studies, investigators found that, relative to older students, kids in primary school suffered more setbacks when student-teacher relationships were (Roorda et al 2011).

So we can't assume that positive student-teacher relationships cause better classroom engagement or fewer behavior problems. Furthermore, kids who struggle aren't doomed to poor outcomes.

When teachers maintain supportive relationships with students at special risk for behavior problems, those kids improve over time.The image appears only for a split second, a time span so brief the kids aren't even aware of what they've seen. But it has an effect, because the kids who have close, affectionate teacher relationships -- as opposed to distant ones -- end up solving many problems (Ahnert et al 2012).The correlation holds up even when you compare kids in the same class.But many students don't get the chance to form such bonds. Imagine 120 children, six-year-olds seated at computers.As part of an experiment, the kids are taking a series of cognitive tests.And here's another possibility: Student-teacher relationships, even friendly, supportive ones, tend to assume a less nurturing, less physical aspect as kids move from preschool to primary school. Given what's known about the benefits of affectionate touch, it seems plausible.

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