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Having served as a senior Veterans Service Representative for six years, there are a couple of questions I am often asked about claims processing – “What is evidence? According to Title 38 of the Code of Federal Regulations, evidence can be (but is not limited to): Sometimes, VA requests very specific evidence.

In short, it is anything you (the claimant) submit to VA, or VA attempts to obtain on your behalf, in support of your disability claim.

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“They use a lot of threatening language to associate voting with a crime, that may just make people want to stay away,” says the Brennan Center’s Larry Norden.

Norden says the billboards leave the impression that “if you go to the polls there might be somebody there to take you to jail or fine you”….

Aficionados of last-minute Election Day dirty tricks are familiar with a ploy Republicans have mastered over the years of intimidating voters with threats that law-enforcement officers will be giving them some extra scrutiny in the vicinity of polling places.

Adam Serwer explained it back in 2012 as a classic voter-suppression technique: Republicans, convinced that Democrats only win elections through voter fraud, have taken to setting up billboards warning that “voter fraud is a felony” in swing states this year.

Republicans have [also] developed an extensive network of poll watchers who think of themselves as protecting the integrity of the ballot box, but they’re really there to prevent people they think are Democrats from engaging in “voter fraud.” As Brentin Mock noted in his report on the conservative group True the Vote, the group’s national elections coordinator said that he wanted voters to feel like they are “driving and seeing the police following you.” Sometimes this intimidation technique comes from organized and publicly identified groups like True the Vote, though more often it’s deployed by anonymous schmos operating black-bag operations on the margins of politics.

It depends for its effectiveness, of course, on long histories of justified fears in low-income and particularly minority communities of unjustified harassment by law-enforcement personnel whenever they are doing something those in power do not like (you know, like voting for the “wrong” candidates).

Intimidation is defined as "the action of frightening or threatening someone, usually in order to persuade them to do something that you want them to do," according to the Cambridge Dictionary.

Intimidation has many faces, but is instantly recognizable as a force that causes one to doubt their perception of reality.

Naturally, these billboards only seem to pop up in minority neighborhoods.

It’s unclear how effective the billboards are at intimidating people out of voting, but there’s no mistaking who they’re aimed at.

In any event, Trump is providing a sadly appropriate coda to an election cycle in which Republicans have often exploited their control over election machinery to improve their electoral chances (most famously in Georgia, where Secretary of State Brian Kemp has aggressively sought to cut every available corner to deny votes to his gubernatorial opponent Stacey Abrams).

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