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Once that was out of the way, then all said it was 18, like I also thought: after all, almost everything else sex-related is, including buying contraception, having access to or appearing in pornographic materials, and working in de facto sex-related industries.

But they had no idea of what the Korean term was, hesitant suggestions including 법정나이 (literally “correct age”) and 법적나이제한 (correct age limit).

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While I'm just about to graduate and that maybe they just don't want to deal with a college student about to make a transition in their lives.

I have my filters set wide to the very edged of what I would possibly consider dating.

The vast majority never provide a source for their information on South Korea specifically (see here, here, here and here for some examples), and following the trail of those of that do almost invariably leads to a chart of the age of consent in various countries on Wikipedia, itself unsourced (but which has recently been edited as I’ll explain).

Indeed, highlighting how problematic that makes them was my original intention in writing this post.

Arguably somewhat arbitrary and hypocritical considering similar performances by other singers that The first step in preparing it was simply to ask my students.

But although their confusion was not entirely unexpected (whereas I’ve been writing about Korean sexuality for a long time now!I also noticed that a lot if profiles want to date people who are either one year younger or older than they in what I presume is just a way to filter out immature mates.Anyways, I'm just wondering if your one of these people and I'm slightly outside of your dating range, would you care enough not to message me back, simply because of that? I'm now thinking that the reason this might actually be a big difference is that a lot of the people I like tend to have already graduated from school and have a job already.…I’m surprised that the age of consent hasn’t been raised here, considering, as I mentioned, how much online activity is to be found with men looking to have sex with underaged girls, and how it’s routinely stated (even by the police on their website) that the age of consent is actually 19.Also, considering how in the late 1990s how youth sexuality and changing youth behavior (and rising crime, including sex crimes) was discussed as if teens were a virus infecting society, the low age of consent is perplexing – not looked at through a moral lens, but through the discourse in the media surrounding teens at the time (and to a lesser extent now).…“However, having sex with minors aged 13 or older, which does not involve financial deals, is not punishable if the minor consents.” That contradicts the 19 year old age of consent the police say they adhere to, but if I have to choose between the police and a 7 year-old KT article, I’ll go with the police.So, if Matt doesn’t read this post for himself first, then I’ll contact him for help with that source from the Korean police (I’ve given up trying to navigate their various sites), and besides which would be very grateful for his input.

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