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Set by using a sum of any of the following options: The fallback location is where the SDF and Intelli Sense support files (for example, i PCH) are put when the primary location (same directory as solution) isn't used.This situation could occur the user doesn't have the permissions to write to the solution directory or the solution directory is on a slow device.

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Recreate Database Recreate the code browsing database from nothing the next time that the solution loads.

If you choose this option, the SDF database file is deleted the next time you load the solution, thus causing the database to be recreated and all files indexed. While the solution is rescanned, file timestamps are checked to determine whether a file was changed outside of the IDE.

Rescan Solution Interval A 'Rescan Solution Now' job is scheduled for the interval that you specify. (Changes that are made in the IDE are automatically tracked, and files are updated.) Implicitly included files are checked to determine whether they're all still referenced.

These options are provided in case Microsoft asks you to collect advanced information to diagnose an issue.

Disable Intelli Sense Disables all Intelli Sense features.

The IDE does not create VCPkg processes to service Intelli Sense requests, and no Intelli Sense features will work (Quick Info, Member List, Auto Complete, Param Help).Note Your computer might show different names or locations for some of the Visual Studio user interface elements in the following instructions.The Visual Studio edition that you have and the settings that you use determine these elements. You should never choose these options except in the rare case where a solution is so large that the database activity consumes an unacceptable amount of system resources.The logging information isn't useful for users, and we recommend that you leave it disabled.Enable Logging Enables diagnostic logging to the output window. Logging Filter Filters displayed event types by using a bitmask.Disable Implicit Files The code browsing database doesn't collect data for files that aren't specified in a project.

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