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I am currently trying to sell it and brand new, in the box, am having trouble. just dont go to those verizon people that is out in the mall cuz they will rip you off.. i payed mines for 225.00 after tax and then you will get 100.00 bucks rebate, plus you get all the accesories with it too, (pouch, car charger, ear piece etc.) i just wish they have a better case for it though iunstead of the pouch. COM" for all your cases, they make the best one, kinda pricey but worth the money/investment for it.. i hd hope that your people at lg keeping doing the good work you have been doing cus all my life i have never used any 0ther phone except an lg phone. Has anyone out there compared the internet capability?

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The second problem, may be the fault of the cheap headbuds that I picked up to fit that smaller plug. My main problem is that it is so far only at verison. DOes this phone have the same kind of internet or is it just text more less?

After spending time checking out the commercial for this amazing device, I quickly hopped in my car for a look at this new phone.

For those of you who think the sidekick is awsome wait till you get ur hands on this it has everything and the camera and vcast and everything about is amazing Buy It I picked up this phone last week, and so far I am impressed.

I will agree that it is slightly bulky, yet it is light enough in my pocket not to notice it.

The speakers are absolutely incredible, and mp3 is easy to find (it even says 'my mp3's' in the menu).

I chose this over the new samsung and lg8100, and I have not been disappointed.

Video is clear and crisp, the camera has some problems (I'm sure in a few weeks I'll be a pro) and it is not too user friendly. It will take a while for you to get a hang of it, so if you get frustrated easily, don't bother.

This phone is for people who know what they are doing beforehand, and plan to use internet and vcast often. You could have had a Ipod and a Regular cellphone and it would have saved space.

thu up button and the # button only works when it feels like i(this is on the front) i hate the anoying red bars the top and botttom and i wish you could change the color just like some of the other lg phones. it a goooooodd phone I like this phone alot but the only hing that I find a little crazy is that the Samsung sch-a950 can record up to 10 mins of video but the V can only record 15 seconds which I think Verizon should do something about. I know they're completely different phones, but the response time on the RAZR was too slow for my liking as I memorize the paths to menus via keypresses and find it extremely annoying to have to wait for the menu to have to load.

The one problem I have with the phone is its size, although I knew very well its bulkiness upon purchasing it. this is one of my tester phones(see my chats on razor and nokia6236i) features are fruitful and easy to navigate, speaker phone suprisingly clear and robust for what it is. i previously wanted a sidekick 2, this is even cooler!!!!!!!

The 'Get It Now' was the only thing that was the least bit tricky, because it's divided up, you can DL music one place, check your email another, check your phone stats ANOTHER and get online in a totally other place. After spending time checking out the commercial for this amazing device, I quickly hopped in my car for a look at this new phone.

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