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I changed the setting as indicated above; but the auto-recalculate still did not work, and upon rechecking the "Calculation" option, found it had reset itself back to "Manual" all by itself.Three attempts later and it was still adamant it wanted to be "Manual" and nothing else.The first time the example hides the columns, screen updating is turned on; the second time, screen updating is turned off. Hidden = True End If Next c stop Time = Time elapsed Time(i) = (stop Time - start Time) * 24 * 60 * 60 Next i Application.

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This example demonstrates how turning off screen updating can make your code run faster.

The example hides every other column on Sheet1, while keeping track of the time it takes to do so.

However, for some reason, the value calculated by the formula does not update automatically.

I am having to click on the formula bar, then I have to click enter for the formula cell to do its thing. I had a case of this just now on Excel 2010: a particular spreadsheet that would not auto-recalculate.

Every single day, millions of people use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to perform a plethora of tasks, starting from the simple ones like maintaining journal entries or records to advanced data analysis based on complex formulas.

Irrefutably, Excel Formulas play a vital role in data processing.Screen Updating = False start Time = Time Worksheets("Sheet1"). @John White, @Juan Carlos González Martín is there a way to update a sharepoint list from Excel?The second option is to go to the Microsoft Office website and download the Service Pack that corresponds to your version of Office.You will be redirected to the Microsoft Download Center. In both cases, you may need to restart your computer for the update to be taken into account.You won't be able to see what the macro is doing, but it will run faster.

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