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Note: This IOS number is not the one used to specify which feature you will have access, it's only the one used at the launch of the application in order to find the setting files.

will later allow you to specify a different IOS slot if you want to use different features (they will be detailed in other pages of this guides).

- Extract and place the WAD manager's on your SD Card like for the USBLoader: - Insert the SD or USB in your Wii - Launch the Homebrew Channel - Select and Launch the WAD Manager.

The installation can also be done manually and gives you more options, like different IOS versions and installation of the Forwarder Channel.

will work as a Homebrew Application and can be launched from the Homebrew Channel.

To update the loader you can reinstall a new channel over the old one, or use the loader's internal online update feature.

Updating a Channel is not as simple as when updating from the HBC or forwarder.

Advanced users: This option can be bypassed by editing the arguments and specifying which IOS slot you want to load the first time.

Specify the same IOS slot number than the one defined in your User's Settings to prevent any IOS reloading.The SD card is the first device accessed, it will load faster if you place the installation folder on your SD/SDHC card.Note: Keeping a FAT32 partition on your SD and/or USB is a good idea if you want to exploit all features of 's NAND emulation feature and DIOS MIOS (Lite) require a FAT32 partition format.If you want to install a channel, you need another homebrew application: A WAD Manager.- Download a WAD Manager (for example Wad Manager 1.7, or WAD Manager GUI 1.5v2, or any other).The default IOS defined in the User's Settings is 249.

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