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The resulting product is an extremely stable and mostly user-friendly hybrid combining ease of use with advanced features for businesses.

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Both are arguably Microsoft's biggest successes, not necessarily in sales volume but in achieving what they were intended to do as operating systems.

Windows 98 finally delivered on the promise of Windows 3.1 and 95 as a fairly stable and compatible operating system with integrated network support, USB and all the other mod cons of the time.

Just looking at English, the following are available: The site also notes: Important: Only the OEM Full version is bootable.

I am thinking I currently have the Retail Upgrade disc and the update FE to SE disc is obviously not what I want either. Retail (although not sure if either would work to install the games) but I have never heard of Select before.

I am guessing VMWare is only compatible with VMWare as well. What Select was one of Microsoft’s volume licensing programmes; the corresponding CD image is unlikely to be appropriate for you.

Either the OEM or the retail full image should work for your purpose.Whether or not any future patches will be released to the consumer is another matter.We recommend that if possible you upgrade your computer to Windows 2000 or higher.I thought I could use a Windows 98 upgrade disc to install the games but apparently I cannot.I am considering burning a regular Windows 98 SE disc from Win World: However, I am here faced with a number of options that are not explained.You can install the missing components from the Control Panel: in the Start menu, select Settings, then Control Panel; open “Add/Remove Programs”, click on the Windows Setup tab, and choose the components you want to install. Windows will prompt for a CD if it needs one (I’ve seen quite a few Windows 98 systems where the installation files were copied on to the hard drive).

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