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It’s a blessing.” He continued, “She’s always been very, very nice to me. She didn’t make a big deal out of doing this song, and that’s just the way she works. It was just up and down, and by the end of it I wrote a song because I was feeling I needed to get out of it.” Elaborating further, he said, “When I think back on it, I was really in trouble, but what came out of me was this big, uptempo song that was really a love song. Other people have done my songs, but the way she did this was in a class of its own.” He closed, “I’m hearing from people I haven’t heard from in years. I haven’t even spoken to a publication like yours in quite a while.I love the way she does her thing.” While the classic song is often celebrated in the African-American community, it was written during a hard time in Beverly’s life. It’s funny.” Opening up about how his life has changed in the wake of the cover he said, “I feel bigger than ever! So it’s changed things around for me.” As the song continues to gain traction on social media, Beyoncé shared clips of her fans dancing to the challenge.

Who is frankie beverly dating

His son, Anthony, who has toured as a drummer with Maze, organized a tribute in 2009 to his father, founding the record label Brantera, as an homage to the work of Maze. Blige, Kenny Edmonds (Babyface) and Mint Condition were among the artists taking part on the album.

Frankie Beverly, Rhythm and Blues singer, formerly of the band, Maze.

“She kept it quiet, until her people called me one day maybe a week or two ago.

When they played it, that’s when I heard the first draft of it, and I was blown away.

Billboard recently caught up with Beverly, who feels “bigger than ever” following its release.

Beverly explained his relationship with the singer and how the song came about.It turned out that music performed by The Butlers did not fit into the "Philly Sound", and after some heavy touring, the group relocated to California.The unit was re-christened as Raw Soul and caught the attention of a sister-in-law to Marvin Gaye.As a teenager he formed The Blenders, a short-lived a cappella, doo-wop group that were influenced by The Dells, The Moonglows, and The Del Vikings.After that outfit dissolved, he founded The Butlers (subsequently Frankie Beverly and the Butlers), which would be the first group he recorded with in 1963.We landed a job at a club in San Francisco called The Scene and we were there for a year.

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