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Regardless, in a year of powerhouse female vocalists, Edwards deserves her place near the upper ranks with Voyageur. We (Oath) and our partners need your consent to access your device, set cookies, and use your data, including your location, to understand your interests, provide relevant ads and measure their effectiveness.

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On the latter she croons “I’m looking forward to a soft place to land / the forest floor / the palms of your hands”.

It reveals the fragility of a woman keen to discover her equal half yet is tired of the journey required to find him.

Before Kathleen Edwards met co-producer Justin Vernon, she knew she wanted to take a different approach for her fourth album.

"I wanted to do something with a far less ‘Canadian singer/songwriter' angle," says the Toronto-based musician over the phone from her parents' farm in Perth, Ontario.

From thereon most of the remaining tracks force us to pull over, wind up the windows and listen in with far more intensity.

The slow moving sparseness of Chameleon Comedian and Soft Place To Land reinforce Edwards’ preference for predictable love.Complete with ticking clock and glistening acoustic rhythm, it swoons with the kind of ease reserved for driving down a seaside highway with the top down.It’s not until the chorus where Edwards sings “I’m moving to America” but quickly retracts with “it’s an empty threat” that we realise the Canadian native has lulled us into a false sense of accessibility.Most of all, it is convincing, providing the ideal vehicle to carry her bevy of often downbeat feelings.Opener Empty Threat gives all the indications that Voyageur will be an easy listening affair.Not once does she attempt an ‘aw shucks’ grandstand ovation moment.

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