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Ian suggests that they bring their clones, but Anthony remembered that it ended badly last time, in which the clones appeared to be dead. • DEEP CELEBRITY SONG (Music Video) • EVERY TEST EVER • Another Youtube Apology Video • WHAT IF DISNEY MOVIES...

Ian agreed and decided to get some hookers, but Anthony decided to get girls like people have done thousands of years ago. • REJECTED ZELDA GAMES • EVERY DENTIST EVER • ONE LETTER OFF MOVIES • WHAT IF YOUR DAD...

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Anthony suddenly asks if people might think they're talking about something else when they talk about wieners. • Cute Furry Kittens • TRON: Legacy *LEAKED FOOTAGE* • MY NEW HOT GIRLFRIEND • Best of 2010 Remix HOW TO HIDE A B0NER IN PUBLIC!

Ian says that he doesn't think so and tells Anthony to watch him take two wieners at once. Then a message on the screen pops up and says that Anthony and Ian were rushed to the ER after shoving a massive wiener in their mouths.

• this had to happen • Food Battle 2016 Every Gym Ever • BEST of 2016 REMIX • WHAT IF MARIO...?


Pocky whispers something else, which delights Claus and tells him to get the dresses. • EVERY MUSEUM EVER • VIDEO GAME ITEMS IN REAL LIFE 3 • EVERY CHURCH EVER • APPS WE WISH WERE REAL • EVERY SUBWAY EVER • If People Were Anime 2!

At Eat My Wiener, Anthony asks Ian where's his date, Ian calls her over. • EVERY TACO BELL EVER • HIGH SCHOOL IN 2008 VS 2018 • EVERY GRADUATION EVER • CHRIS PRATT is on our Game Show!

Cat Soup • Boxman's Girlfriend • Left Handed • There Will Be Pokemon • Smosh Sued for Million (April Fools) • Beef 'n Go • Batman's Cool Internet Video • Teleporting Fat Guy • Food Battle 2008 • Going to the Mountains • Life as Ghosts • Boxman for President • Sex Ed Rocks • Smosh Snatchers • A Merry Gangsta Christmas Breaking the Habit • Hardcore Max 2 • Ian's First Girlfriend • That Damn Prison Break • Unitarded • Le Var Burton Buys Smosh (April Fools) • Anthony's Death • Anthony's Resurrection • Anthony is Mexican • Grammar Police • I Heart Burgers • A Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays • A Very Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays • Washington's First Video Blog • Food Battle 2009 • The Ultimate Shoedown • Bigfoot is Gay • If Movies Were Real • Four Years Foreplay • Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes • Mighty Smoshin POWER RANGERS • Kid Craps Himself in Drift Car! • X-Mas: PORN on Santa's Computer • X-Mas: Osama's First Christmas • X-Mas: Santa Gets Down • Best of Smosh 2009 Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig • Ian Gets Lucky • Anthony Gets Engaged • HELP! • Leave It To Bieber • Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 2 • 5 Ways to Get a Girl • Lizard Rabies • Super Powers! • How Lady Gaga Got Famous • The Famous Cheese Guy • WTF! • Inappropriate Sonic • Arm Wrestling TO THE DEATH • KILLER TEDDY BEAR!

• If Cartoons Were Real • Food Battle 2010 • FIRETRUCK!

However, Anthony complains that the clones are starting to smell bad. • HOT ROBOT SLAVE • JUSTIN BIEBER HITS PUBERTY (Never Say Never 2) • If Kids Shows Were Real • AMAZING NEW DRINK!

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